Here at Pinpoint Powered by Transparent, we specialize in procure-to-pay recovery audit services. We identify our clients’ hidden profits and make recommendations for long-term procurement and disbursement success. And we do it all with exceptional service, ethics and discretion. We pride ourselves on our highly qualified staff, non-intrusive approach, process improvement consultations, Best Practice recommendations and best-of-breed proprietary audit software technology.


Pinpoint powered by Transparent: A reliable partner.

At Pinpoint powered by Transparent, we understand your need for accuracy throughout the disbursement process. We utilize:

  • cutting-edge technology;
  • advanced data encryption security;
  • our industry leading proprietary software;
  • highly experienced financial professionals to identify your company's hidden profits caused by inadvertent overpayments.

Our independent and comprehensive reviews examine 100% of your historic disbursement transactions, uncovering any weak links in the procure-to-pay process. We then recover those profits while recommending process improvement solutions based on our quantitative results and being very sensitive to maintaining your supplier relationships.

What makes Pinpoint powered by Transparent unique?

  • Proven track record & reputation
  • Large client & complex audit expertise
  • Leading-edge software & audit tools
  • Industry expertise (national & global)
  • Guidance towards improved future
  • Processes & savings
  • No risk – contingency fee only – basis
  • Advanced data security protocols