How we work

Pinpoint powered by Transparent specializes in Disbursement & Procurement Analysis. Since the company’s creation, we have focused on developing sophisticated propriety technology while continuously optimizing our processes to deliver superior results for our clients.

Pinpoint powered by Transparent: the data-mining company

Our central database, in which the results of all previous audits are stored, enables us to create extensive analysis reports utilizing all historical analysis data to conduct in-depth studies of where accounts payable processes can be improved.

We employ experts in ERP systems and accounts payable processes. They incorporate advanced understanding of financial processes, analysis reports and current state environment to deliver practical and usable recommendations, tailor-made for our clients.

Process & Technology driven



  • Our Disbursement & Procurement Analysis process is industry-tailored and standardized. It has been divided into several incremental steps. Every step of our process has an assigned team solely responsible for the perfect implementation of that process. The aforementioned software tools guarantee full, efficient and effective implementation. Each team supervises only its own process step, whereby quality is guaranteed as the software indicates precisely when a task has been completed.
  • As an Disbursement & Procurement Analysis involves identifying rare anomalies, various guaranteed mechanisms need to be built into the process. One is the “six eyes principle", according to which, the manual processing of data is conducted by three analysts who work independently of each other.
  • The process is designed in such a way that clients don’t have to do a thing.

  • Our proprietary data-mining software incorporates the expertise that we have accumulated regarding potential irregularities in outgoing payments. The software searches payment data, applying over 30 different criteria to pinpoint inadvertant overpayments.
  • Irregularities are subsequently analyzed and verified manually. These process steps match seamlessly with each other thanks to our proprietary suite of software tools, ensuring that 100% of the ERP data is surveyed in detail.
  • The results of our analyses are securely stored anonymously in our central database.  This enables real-time monitoring, analysis reporting and multifaceted benchmarking. This is a unique proposition in the financial services market.