Our client support

At Pinpoint powered by Transparent, we do everything we can to ensure that our clients find it easy to do business with us.

International support
Pinpoint powered by Transparent has offices Stamford, CT and Atlanta, GA as well as in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, South Africa and India. We serve a diverse portfolio of clients. Whether your company is regional, national or global our services and capabilities are catered to fit your needs. Our internal support consists of highly-professionals individuals, fluent in several languages, extensively trained in providing client approved written and oral communication with suppliers to ensure vendor relationships are never compromised. Additionally, they pocess an in-depth knowledge of local business culture and regulations.

We work on contigency basis – eliminating any financial risk to our clients. We get paid when you get paid.

We take all the work off our clients’ hands. Once we receive our client’s ERP data, our professionals work autonomously and require no support. Our ICT team will provide clearly defined instructions to assist our clients in generating the ERP data.

Analysis results
We provide a comprehensive, highly-valuable analysis report to our clients which contains all aspects of the audit process and results with tailor-made recommendations for improvements.

Long-term relationship
The pursuit of perfection within any organization is constant. Our services provide management assurances against overpayments and continuous monitoring of vendor compliance.

Pinpoint powered by Transparent guarantees clients that their ERP data will remain completely confidential. Ask for our Security Policy detailing our commitment to confidentiality and security.