Client Portal

Pinpoint powered by Transparent provides secure access to our convenient online Client Portal, which can be used to monitor the Accounts Payable Analysis.

The Portal is a secure web interface our clients utilize to access current information pertaining to their audit analysis, view identified overpayments and track the recovery progress of validated claims.  Furthermore, our clients can see the current status of their Accounts Payable Analysis at a glance. Through the use of the Portal, you are directly involved in the process and have direct access to its data and results. The progress of the analysis is depicted, up to the stage at which claims are actually being collected. The Portal clearly presents the actual state of affairs on the submission and follow-up of request statements of your suppliers.

The Portal organizes and presents your data in a clear and transparent manner. It also gives insight in an active benchmark. The Pinpoint powered by Transparent Active Benchmark is a reference tool that allows you to undertake various improvements.  The principal aspects of the Active Benchmark are; measurement, comparison, improvement and verification.

The information in the Active Benchmark is securely protected.  The names of our clients cannot be accessed by others – only anonymous cumulative analysis results can be viewed.

The benefits of Pinpoint's powered by Transparent Active Benchmark:
  • It is an interactive instrument which clients themselves use to select relevant aspects and parameters.
  • It shows performance over time, evolving by incorporating results due to changes in the global business environment.
  • It promotes an external focus, strategy formation and the capacity to learn.
  • It clearly demonstrates how the company functions and highlights strengths and weaknesses.
  • It provides management information for improvements and innovation.