We aim to provide the highest-quality service.
To this end, here is what our clients have said about our services.

"Prior to Pinpoint, we had worked with other recovery audit firms but they always ended up wanting us to do the majority of the work.  For the past 8 years, Pinpoint has delivered excellent customer service and results.   They have been responsive to our needs and efficient in their audit processes. 
Our staffs direct involvement has been minimal and we truly feel as though they are part of our team.  A team that can be trusted aside that they do their job extremely well". 
Director, AP Shared Services – Corporate Finance,
Worldwide Hospitality Corporation  - June 2015

"Please accept this letter as an endorsement for a company I’ve had the privilege of working with for many years.  Pinpoint provides exceptional services in analyzing all aspects of procurement-to-pay functions.  Their in-depth review of historical data has yielded substantial refunds/recoveries of errant disbursements as a result of poor controls and/or human error. Pinpoint’s success correlates directly to the staff of professionals from the senior executives right through the organization to the analysts performing the recovery review work.  Their take charge, unobtrusive process allows staff to focus on their everyday tasks with little to no disruption.
Based on my experience with the staff at Pinpoint, the engagement is seamless from the marketing and sales proposals, contract finalization and data collection to receiving refunds and recoveries. The Pinpoint team consistently demonstrates the highest level of professionalism with outstanding customer service and strict compliance with recovery law. I can say without reservation that Pinpoint will successfully manage vendor relationships while at the same time administer comprehensive coverage to detail".
Managing Director,
Global Investment Bank  - March 2015

"As the Director of Accounts Payable, I was a bit apprehensive to have a company engaged to try and recover lost funds. I quickly realized I did not have the time, tools or the necessary internal resources available to do the job successfully and benefit from the results.  I deceided to give Pinpoint a chance and I am pleasantly pleased with my decision. Pinpoint’s process is streamlined, efficient and most importantly non-intrusive in the day to day activities in Accounts Payable. Other than the initial scope gathering and supplier mailings they pretty much go unnoticed until the checks come rolling-in. Having a reputable firm such as Pinpoint look into recovering funds that may normally be lost should not be a “nice-to-have” it should be a “must-have” for any organization. I’m glad I chose Pinpoint as a strategic partner and recommend you give them a try".
Vice President / Director of Accounts Payable,
Global Real-Estate Development Company  - February 2015

"I found the Pinpoint team to be extremely knowledgeable in all areas of accounting. They were very professional and sensitive to both our suppliers and our organization personnel. They helped us confirm we had the right processes and personnel running our accounts payable operations, and made recommendations to help us achieve "best practices" in that area".
Utility Industry - 2014 

"When I managed Accounts Payable at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, I worked with Bob Lovallo and his audit team. The recovery engagement was well managed and very successful. They were easy to work with and professional at all times".
A/P Manager,
Pharmaceutical Industry - 2014