Disbursement & Procurement Analysis

Pinpoint powered by Transparent believes the foundation of a successful full scope recovery audit begins with understanding your systems, processes, procedures and objectives. We then focus our services around a customized audit plan to achieve your desired goals with precision and efficiency. Our full scope recovery analysis encompasses an in-depth review of our clients’ outgoing payments during the past three year period – expanding from there.

Pinpoint powered by Transparent analyzes 100% of our client’s spend, identifying inadvertent overpayments to our client’s suppliers, etc. Utilizing our superior metholody, tools and experienced financial professionals we identify, verify and recover our client’s inadvertent overpayments.  Additionally, we review outstanding balances, sales and use tax and VAT for possible overpayments. 

Our services are contigency based – no recovery, no fee.

The importance of the analysis

An Accounts Payable analysis can strengthen your liquidity position and helps increase net profit by up to .1% of spend.  Previous analyses have shown that up to .1% of the spend is inadvertently paid to suppliers.  Additionally, we identify missed opportunities to reclaim VAT for our global clients.  Furthermore, a thorough review of sales and use tax and VAT can yield up to 1% to 3% of revenue.

Pinpoint powered by Transparent identifies the underlying causes for your inadvertent overpayments and provides recommendations to improve your Accounts Payable processes. Throughout the Accounts Payable Analysis our clients benefit from several different services such as our Client Portal, Active Benchmarking and data enrichment.

Our services have benefited companies and institutions worldwide ranging from mid-sized to large, regionally concentrated to globally located.

How you benefit

Just sit back and let Pinpoint powered by Transparent do all the work on your behalf. From discovery to recovery, we’ll perform all the necessary collection efforts – including obtaining refund checks, credit memos and vendor authorizations. We always strive to maintain and protect your supplier relationship.
  • Pinpoint powered by Transparent provides Full Scope Recovery Analyses.
  • You receive a quality audit of your accounts payable process in the shape of clear management information: benchmarks, analysis reports and tailor-made recommendations. These can be used to maximize your working capital, improve your cost structure, better manage your suppliers, optimize your processes, reduce workloads etc.
  • A Pinpoint powered by Transparent Accounts Payable analysis can also help you to increase your net earnings by as much as .1% thanks to the recovery of undue payments and outstanding balances.
  • Pinpoint powered by Transparent’s advanced data-mining software and industry-tailored approach mean that it is both technology-driven and process-driven.  This enables us to guarantee the best quality and results for our clients.
  • We offer a no-risk – contingency fee only service.
  • Our experienced financial professionals average over 20 years in the industry.