Statements Analysis

In addition to our meticulous AP data analysis,  we provide additional analysis by sending statement requests to our client’s suppliers, in which we ask for a Statement of Account.   These statements are essential to our comprehensive review process, providing reconciliation and verfication of any identified undue overpayments.  We exhaust all possibilities of potential inadvertent overpayments with uncompromised professionalism.  Taking care of our client’s vendor/supplier relationships is paramount to our successful partnership.

Maintaining excellent supplier relationships is critical to our clients and essential to our services.  Acquisitions, mergers and changes within an organization can lead to a decline in the quality of your supplier database.  Over time, inaccuracies, duplicates, etc. in your vendor master file may cause inadvertent overpayments or undue payments.

Pinpoint reviews your supplier database for duplicate, incorrect, outdated and incomplete data.  We also identify all insolvent and inactive suppliers.  Our exstensive supplier database has up-to-date suppliers' reference information, which we utilize to update and cleanse your supplier data, as needed.

Your benefits

  • Incorrect payments can be minimized.
  • The workload in the accounts department is reduced.
  • Correct reporting and interpretation of supplier data are now possible.
  • System checks and automatic (scan) processes can be optimized.
  • The risk of fraud is reduced. 

Our approach

On receipt of your electronic supplier data files, Pinpoint powered by Transparent carries out the following steps.

Pinpoint powered by Transparent applies a number of methods in order to clean up your supplier data through:
  • Matching: the systematic comparison of your own file with Pinpoint powered by Transparent’s up-to-date, reliable reference file;
  • Removal of duplication: tracking down suppliers that appear more than once in your file;
  • Correction: amending incorrect data.


Enrichment involves adding to your file using relevant data from our reference file, such as activity codes, sectoral classification codes, Chamber of Commerce numbers and other relevant and useful fields.

When conducting an update, Pinpoint powered by Transparent ensures that all the data in the supplier file is synchronized with the up-to-date reference file.

The cleaned, enriched and updated file is subsequently transferred to you, so that you can use it to alter your master data.